Konsole from 3.0.4 crashes after update to Qt 3.1.0

Marc Mutz mutz at kde.org
Fri Dec 6 11:25:13 GMT 2002


After updating to Qt 3.1.0 on a box running KDE 3.0.4, Konsole crashes 
on every startup. After additionally updating kdelibs to KDE_3_1_BRANCH 
of today, Konsole doesn't crash anymore, but it never comes up, too.

Sorry for not sending the backtrace of the konsolde crash, but this was 
my girlfriends box and it has now KDE 3.1 since she needed the box to 
work with...

I'm just posting this since there might be a BIC hiding somewhere...


We do not believe it draws the proper balance in a democratic society
for the activities of government to be concealed from public scrutiny
while the private activities of citizens are made open to government.
       -- EPIC letter to the President of the EU Council of Ministers
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