[DotGNU]Strategy for dealing with C++ virtual functions in a managed binding.

Gopal V gopalv82 at symonds.net
Fri Dec 6 06:56:31 GMT 2002

If memory serves me right, Neil Cawse wrote:
> So if you got down this far ;) now what you have is:
> using a single command you can reuse all the great c++ libraries in c#.
> Sounds good?!

Good ... But Qt#'s generator seems to  do a similar job of things ...

> I think this route is the most robust and sensible way of reuse. Do you
> agree? Will this be useful?

Yes .... *very* useful ...

> I need to finish the work and then convince Dave to add this into his Swig
> project. 

I would also like a swig wrapper gen for basic C as well ... Is that on your
list ? ...

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