KDE 3.1: delayed

Stephan Binner binner at kde.org
Fri Dec 6 07:51:45 GMT 2002

On Friday 06 December 2002 00:44, Dirk Mueller wrote:

> its unlikely that we get many binary packages so short before christmas
> holidays, which means that KDE 3.1 would go out, if released this year,
> probably with few or none binary packages at the announcement date.

Provocative question: Why do we depend on binary packages? Every distributor 
who planned to have packages available at aimed 5th December release date has 
now ready build-scripts, experience with new release and hopefully did first
tests with their packages. If they have nobody in their [security] team which
is able to create with this new KDE 3.1 packages from the reviewed sources for 
several weeks than IHMO it's the distributor's problem and not ours. Or does 
anyone think that they will delay security fixed KDE 3.0.6 packages to next 
year too just because packager and/or part of security team is on vacation?

I vote for option a): take the time you need for the audit, give the packagers
the usual one week and release. This will raise more bug reports than RC5. And
it's no problem if for lazy distributions first packages will exist for 3.1.1.


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