Tim Jansen tim at
Thu Dec 5 19:10:25 GMT 2002

On Thursday 05 December 2002 16:05, George Staikos wrote:
>    Yes all of those things of course would be supported.  However I was
> hoping for something even more generic.  I was hoping for a backend which
> can store QDataStream/QByteArray type data, but then having a frontend API
> for storing common things like passwords. 

Ok, but you still need some way for applications to find such a blob. 

> Note:  I need to be able to store X.509
> certificate requests somewhere and I think this is a good place.  This is
> yet another reason for a very generic backend.

What are the requirements for this? I guess the user should be able to store 
several certificates and assign names to them. 
Is there anything else that is neccessary? (like retrieving a certificate for 
a certain URL or host)

I still don't understand the API of KWalletEntry. Let's take the HTML form as 
example. I assume that the values of the form should be somehow encoded into 
the value blob. What are the keys? Why can a blob have several keys?
How can an application find the blobs of a URL?

> The idea was that this would hook into the existing kde password
> dialog. Dawit?  Any updates here?

The password dialog alone is not able to store the password, at least not 
without some additional hints - it can not know the URL to associate with the 
passwords. For html forms you want a URL with path but without query, for 
most file protocols you want the hostname and its port. Each protocol could 
have different requirements.

> Now the question is, are you serious about working on the frontend and
> API for this?



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