[quanta-devel] 3.1 crash (for kde 3.0)

Krzysztof Kosz krzysztof.kosz at poczta.fm
Wed Dec 4 16:37:25 GMT 2002

Andras Mantia wrote:
>Ok, so it's really a Kate bug (your backtrace is similar). In HEAD I cannot 
>reproduce, so I think it was fixed. You may file a bug report for BRANCH. I 
>still saw commits in KDE_3_0_BRANCH, so some people are still backporting 
>bugfixes there. If there is a bugreport, someone may do it.
>PS: I'm happy it was not Quanta. ;-)

Fortunately few minutes ago I found at lwn.net info about updated kde (to 
3.0.3) and qt (to 3.0.5) packages for my distro (RH 7.3). I downloaded and 
installed them and I can't reproduce this kate crash. So I think that it was 
fixed in the 3_0 branch. I don't have time to check quanta but I also think 
that it was the same bug.

Krzysztof Kosz

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