Leaving for a month.

Piotr Szymanski djurban at linuxpl.org
Tue Dec 3 19:06:00 GMT 2002

Because of my todays birthday, I took a look at the year I left behind. The 
second half of the year brought many unexpected events upon me. My dad had 
health problems (he is 73, and it was pretty bad), kde-i18n-pl was close to 
failing to translate kde 3.1 and if it were not for Krzysiek Lichota, it 
would not be done. I have also failed to provide lang lists for some releases 
This year has been hard for me and I have decided to take a month off in order 
to reschedulize my time plan and do some schoolwork (finish c++ learning and 
english courses).
As for PLD packagers, adgor or mkochano are subscribed to devel, so they will 
contact with you for sure if they find sth. wrong in kde and Ill be here in a 
month to see what's up in HEAD and stuff :)
See you in the first week of January, I wish you all the best in the upcoming 
month (merry christmas!) and year. 
Last but not least, thank you Dirk for coordinating the release of KDE for so 
long and for enduring all my botherings and stuff :) Good luck to Stephan!
Piotr Szymanski,
"Dont ask the world what it is coming to, it might tell the truth."
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