Evil bug in KDE's mimetype/applnk handling

Andras Mantia amantia at virtualartisans.com
Tue Dec 3 08:35:25 GMT 2002


 Sorry for jumping in without much background, but isn't what Matthias want a 
way to start the system default application for html, email, txt, whatever 
from Kicker? I propose a solution with a .desktop (or .desktop like) file, 
which contains:


and than the first application associated with text/html will be launched. If 
it is Konqueror, konqui will come up, if it is Netscape, netscape will come 
up and so. 
 The same can be done for the e-mail client for, let's say, the mimetype 
text/x-mail. Of course these desktop files are not named konqueror.desktop, 
nor kmail.desktop, but something like webbrowser.desktop, 
 This means that the user can have icons for webbrowsing and email client, not 
for applications itself. I'm not 100% sure that in the end this is a good 
idea, as even now there is a possibility to put the link for another 
webbrowser than Konqueror on kicker, but with the proposed solution it would 
be easier, as the user has to change only the order of the applications in 
the file associations (or in a separate setting page, like for the KDE 

Sorry if I said something stupid.


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