Common icon themes

Alexander Larsson alexl at
Mon Dec 2 14:52:56 GMT 2002

On Tue, 19 Nov 2002, Alexander Larsson wrote:

> This is what I will do:
> * Document the changes in the file format (add Hidden, remove multiple 
>   inheritance).
> * Say that when the inheritance chain ends (due to no Inherits line, or a 
>   named theme that doesn't exist) implementations must insert "hicolor", 
>   and are also free to add other themes.
> * Change the references in the spec from the "default" theme to "hicolor", 
>   and change the default theme tarball into a hicolor theme tarball 
>   (icon-themes-base.tar.gz).
> * Add a section to the standard about how application authors are 
>   supposed to install icons (something in "hicolor" and optionally in 
>   other named themes).

Updated spec and hicolor tarball availible at:

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