KDE 3.2: the future ahead

Daniel Stone dstone at kde.org
Mon Dec 2 02:39:51 GMT 2002

On Sat, Nov 30, 2002 at 07:43:34PM +0100, Dirk Mueller scrawled:
> Now that KDE 3.1 is finally finished, there are some things to announce. 
> Most importantly, while I will still coordinate the KDE 3.1.x patch 
> releases, I won't do the KDE 3.2 release any more. 
> I've asked around the last few days and Stephan Kulow volunteered to be 
> release dude for 3.2. Therefore, if there is nobody else who'd like to 
> volunteer, he's going to be the successor. 
> I'd suggest the following procedure: 
> - If nobody else volunteered till December 7th, Stephan Kulow is going
>   to be the release dude for 3.2
> - If there are other volunteers, we have to do a vote. 

As the former KDE maintainer for Debian (and I am still continuing in a
minor role as co-maintainer), let me take this opportunity to publically
thank you for all your work. You've done outstandingly well in a very
demanding job, and always managed to be a nice guy throughout. :)

I've found you to be always nice and never disparaging, despite the
occasional stupid mistake, always punctual and on-time, and even
apologetic for things that were clearly never in your control.

On behalf of KDE and the community as a whole, let me say that you've
been an excellent ambassador for not just KDE, but the whole community,
and thank you very much.

Daniel, occasional Debian KDE package monkey

Daniel Stone 	     <daniel at raging.dropbear.id.au>             <dstone at kde.org>
Developer - http://kopete.kde.org, http://www.kde.org
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