[PATCH] ReadWritePart::queryClose()

John Firebaugh jfire at uclink.berkeley.edu
Sun Dec 1 22:00:46 GMT 2002

The attached patch factors out portions of ReadWritePart::closeURL() into a 
separate function that is appropriate to call from KMainWindow::queryClose(). 
This is a prerequisite for fixing http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=49270 
properly. It should be functionally equivalent to the existing behavior 
except that setModified( false ) is not called if the user elects not to save 
changes, which can't easily happen after the refactoring, and seems wrong to 
me anyway. (What if the close is somehow canceled after that? Shouldn't the 
document still be marked modified?) The patch also adds additional 
documentation for KMainWindow::queryClose(), noting a potential 'gotcha'. The 
new method is marked @since 3.2 but I will backport and change that to 3.1.1 
if people think it necessary.

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