KDE 3.2: the future ahead

Martin Konold konold at kde.org
Sun Dec 1 09:26:34 GMT 2002

On Sat, 30 Nov 2002, Dirk Mueller wrote:

Hi Dirk,

> Most importantly, while I will still coordinate the KDE 3.1.x patch
> releases, I won't do the KDE 3.2 release any more.

Thank you very much for your outstanding dedication to KDE! I cannot
imagine that anyone could have done a better job.

> I've asked around the last few days and Stephan Kulow volunteered to be
> release dude for 3.2. Therefore, if there is nobody else who'd like to
> volunteer, he's going to be the successor.

I am also confident that Stephan is an excellent choice.
Kudos to coolo for taking the challenge!

Everyone else is encouraged to make the hard live of a release dude as
easy as possible :-)


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