How does ksmserver start applications?

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Tue Aug 27 11:26:06 BST 2002

On Tuesday 27 August 2002 00:41, Waldo Bastian wrote:
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> On Monday 26 August 2002 03:23 pm, Roland Seuhs wrote:
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> > This has been previously posted here:
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> > I need the information for this program:
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> > ksmserver starts applications to restore a session. Unlike kstart, which
> > starts apps on the current desktop and later moves them to another
> > desktop, ksmserver starts those apps seamlessly and without flicker and
> > without stealing focus.
> I believe kwin stores things like window geometry and desktop for session
> management purposes and restores the windows accordingly during startup.

 Yes, it's handled by KWin. KWin asks X to redirect window mapping to KWin, 
and before the window is actually shown, KWin applies geometry, etc. saved 
from the session. And no, your application cannot do the same, it'd have to 
ask KWin to do it (e.g. now placing windows of newly started app on the 
desktop they were started on is handled this way - but I guess it refuses to 
use non-existing virtual desktop).

 I'm not sure if I understand what exactly is the utility trying to do, but if 
it's something like Mozilla's QuickLaunch or whatever they call it, it'd be 
probably better to add support for this directly in Konqueror (IMHO it 
doesn't make sense for any other app), because I think you just cannot 
reliably make it work with any app just by fidlling with it from outside.

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