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Vadim Plessky lucy-ples at mtu-net.ru
Tue Aug 27 09:44:26 BST 2002

On Thursday 22 August 2002 2:40 pm, Don Sanders wrote:
|  > I for one agree with Daniel's assesment. I want to work on the
|  > things I like, not on what users think they want. I want to
|  > implement things right, not fast. I want to implement things when
|  > they're ripe in my head, not when they're en vogue in the user
|  > community.
|  I'll extrapolate this to mean you would prefer to work on a project
|  where others feel the same way as you. That is you don't want
|  commercial interests to pervert the course of development.
|  To a certain extent we are at risk of this already. I believe it's
|  certainly possible for a well funded entity to hijack development. I

I do not see how it can happen with KDE.There are some kind of *light* KDE 
forks, like Lindows (and probably upcoming Xandros), but it seems KDE is not 
affected by this, so far.

|  guess something like this happened with the internet standards bodies
|  during the dot com boom, and it could happen to us.

Yes, W3C consortium is lobbing (in particular) MS and Netscape interests.
There is an evidence when some "errata" corrections were introduced to specs, 
just to make MS IE compatible with specs.
(I think you can find details on <www-style> mailing list)

But KDE is *not* W3C consortium, right?.. :-)

|  In the long term I think financial independence is the best protection
|  against such corruption.

Financial independence rulez! :-)

|  Don.


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