Problems with KSelectAction

Tobias Koenig tokoe at
Mon Aug 26 14:20:51 BST 2002


I've two problems with KSelectAction. First it seems that the activated()
signal isn't emitted when you use KSelectAction::setCurrentItem().
Could the author of this code please take a closer look at it?

The second problem is the following: When you insert a item with a '&' sign
in it, the '&' sign is displayed in the combo box representation of the Action
but not in the menu item representation (there it's transformed to a shortcut).
So would be a patch ok that transform a single '&Hello' in an item to
	'Hello' in the combo box
	'&Hello' in the menu item (H is a shortcut)
and a '&&Hello' to
	'&Hello' in the combobox
	'&&Hello' in the menu item (H is a shortcut with a prepended & )

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