[RFC] bugzilla import finished for the moment

Vadim Plessky lucy-ples at mtu-net.ru
Mon Aug 26 13:46:34 BST 2002

On Thursday 22 August 2002 10:11 pm, Stephan Kulow wrote:
|  Hi!
|  Please check out bugzilla.kde.org. We imported tons of user accounts,
|  products, components and bug reports from bugs.kde.org. So please
|  get there, change your password (the user accounts are the only thing
|  that we won't create from the group up in a week or so :), browse around,
|  query bugs, vote for bugs - basicly play around with the system and come
|  up with suggestions.

Can you pls explain what do you mean here by "change your password"?
In particular, do I need to create account?..

I have to admit that I have no experience with Bugzilla (only KDE Bug Tracking 
System), as I wasthinking that Mozilla BTS sucks :-)

|  bugzilla.kde.org contains the bug reports as of today and any change
|  you do there and any new bug you report there will be discarded, so
|  don't hesitate - but note that mails are sent for changes, so include
|  the word test in any comment :)

ok, I requested bugs by me
and I think got wrong results - 
* it reproted only 10 matches (while clami to report 30!)
* most of those bugs were not filed by me!

For example:
--> is not my bug!

Ok, I commented onthi sbug couple of times, but I want to xlose/overview/vote 
for my bugs first :-)

|  The actual HTML layout is still work in progress, don't worry about it.

HTML is nice, it's very close to original bugs.kde.org!

|  BTW: bugzilla.kde.org/reports.cgi can generate nice charts on the
|  progress I made with importing.
|  Greetings, Stephan [in the name of the buzilla migration team]


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