Issue with's $kde_widgetdir and uic

Dan Armak danarmak at
Mon Aug 26 13:06:10 BST 2002

On Monday 26 August 2002 14:19, Simon Hausmann wrote:
> The question in the first place is why do you use a different prefix
> than the installed kdelibs one? :)

Well, long story but the shortened version is:

We want support for multiple KDEs (3.0.x, 3.1.x, current cvs etc.).

If we put 3rd party kde apps (i.e. in the prefix of one of these 
kdelibs, and the other ones have to include that in their PATHs, the path 
management gets very messy. (We had that for several months, it wasn't 

So we need to put 3rd party apps into a separate dir where every kde can 
access them on an equal footing so to speak. After consulting the FHS we put 
them simply in /usr. Then, when a certain kde is running, it has 
KDEDIRS=<itsdir>:/usr and so has access to the 3rd party apps, but not to the 
other KDEs (and so we avoid the problem of one KDE accidentally running 
another KDE's apps).

Since KDEDIRS was added in kde3 this works very well. In fact this problem, 
which I only discovered rather recently, is the only there is.

Besides, that's what KDEDIRS is for - having kde apps outside the kdelibs 
prefix. So let's make certain it works properly :-)

Dan Armak
Gentoo Linux developer (KDE)
Matan, Israel

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