Fwd: Installation Problems and Useability

Roberto H. Alsina ralsina at kde.org
Sat Aug 24 10:15:22 BST 2002

On Sat, Aug 24 2002 at 10:58:31am +0300, Eli Wapniarski wrote:
> > > That's OK I running Redhat 7.2 and Redhat compiled the kde libraries
> > > with funny names. but the one that really got me was that
> > > kdebase-3.0.3-7 required kdelibs-3.0.3-10 or higher which of course
> > > does not exist. I realize that this is a Redhat problem, but...
> >
> > What but...? If you know that this is a Redhat problem then it's
> > probably time for changing to another distribution.
> But this reflects very badly on KDE

There is no counting the number of ways a distribution or a packager
can screw the KDE they provide. Since KDE is free software, they
are free to do it in many inventive and creative ways we can not even 

> > > Having an installation as big as KDE and having the libraries
> > > dynamically linked is a real pain in the butt and is creating a major
> > > mess for you guys and for me. I think it would be a good idea to get
> > > your libraries statically linked. Why?... Because it would make the
> > > release of bug fixes much easier.
> >
> > And it would blow up each of the 300+ KDE application which I have
> > installed from a few tens or hundreds KBytes to several MBytes. Just
> > have a look at Netscape Communicators size. Now multiply ths size by
> > 300. Do you really want to download several KDE programs of this size?
> If the applications are worth installing and using then it really doesn't 
> matter how big the app is.

He forgot to mention, each application would use about 1/3rd the amount of RAM
all of KDE currently uses, and would take a minute to start.

Please forget about it. It is not going to happen. 

> Once again... thanks for your consideration.
Why, oh why is this in kde-core-devel?
Take it to kde-linux, or someplace more appropiate.

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