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Roger Larsson roger.larsson at norran.net
Wed Aug 21 22:03:12 BST 2002

On Wednesday 21 August 2002 18.54, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> On Wednesday 21 August 2002 18:31, Marc Mutz wrote:
> > I am not against collecting money to further development, but I am
> > against collecting money to shove developers into implementing
> > features.
> Just to give my oppinion on this mater: if this discussion continues,
> I will disable the voting feature completly. Right now I consider turning
> it on as it highlightes more important bugs beside causing duplicates,
> but if this turns out to cause a money discussion, I will drop it

I think that the voting should be implemented together with the find
identical bugs.

If you are so much annoyed with a bug that you
a) actually search for it.
b) takes your time to locate an identical bug
You should be awarded!


Roger Larsson

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