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Tue Aug 20 15:06:05 BST 2002

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This is very nice...
I guess my only complaint, was with the pager.  While it is infinitely easier 
to use and to manage screens than anything I have ever seen it just takes up 
way to much realestate.  Unless user have  a 128 pixel kicker it would not 
make a very effective doc applet, and I am not sure I like it as an always on 
top window.

That begin said I think we should explore this some more because this does 
make (imho) using KDE much easier when you have  a smaller screen and tons of 
virtual consoles.  Also I think from a user point a view panorama is more 
useful to.  Just for giggles I did some spying on my fiance and her KDE 
usage.  She has one very very crowded window and 3 empty consoles...  She is 
a very technical individual and the idea of virtual consoles seem cute, but 
hard to use.

Personally I think this warrents some serious exploration.  For once we can 
have a truly inovative idea for desktop usage, instead of always trying to 
copy every Microsoft and Apple feature.

- -ian reinhart geiser

On Tuesday 20 August 2002 07:14 am, David Boddie wrote:
> [Apologies to those of you who are subscribed to both kwin and
>  kde-core-devel as you may get this message twice.]
> For the last few months, as part of my day job, I've been working on
> various additions and changes to KWin. These have been based on some
> of my employer's ideas and previous work on the usability of desktop
> environments. Some basic usability testing has been performed by my
> colleagues, the results of which should get written up in the near
> future.
> The main direction of the work has been the addition of viewport
> support to KWin through patches to kdebase/kwin and kdelibs/kdecore.
> These changes were made to support a model of the desktop in which
> the desktop surface may be represented by a ring of connected
> screens. This model is supported by a suitable pager application.
> I realise that this sort of virtual desktop is not likely to become
> part of the mainstream KDE distribution so, with this in mind, I've
> put up some web pages which provide some more detailed information
> and an overview. The source code (currently, patches against files
> in CVS) is there for those who feel adventurous and want to try it
> out.
> Comments and constructive criticism are welcome. I'd particularly
> like to know whether my corrections to the viewport handling in
> kdelibs/kdecore/netwm.cpp are reasonable.
> Have fun,
> David

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