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Cristian Tibirna tibirna at kde.org
Mon Aug 19 11:56:22 BST 2002

On Monday, 19 August 2002 03:48, Don Sanders wrote:

[cut very interesting improvement propositions]

My interior forum is still out (since a couple of tens of years) about what is 
my attitude towards humanity's major socio-economical systems (and tending to 
disapprove all of them :-). In the mean time, I believe money is the worst 
necessary notion that happened to this iteration of Universe.

Still, I find the below proposal very attractive and elegant. There's the ugly 
danger of political disputes emerging at the moment of choosing what's a 
worthy donation cause. But if we're mature enough to sort this out, the 
project as a whole would gain a new, powerful meaning of its already richly 
justified existence.

Thanks Don, for a great reading.


> The feedback I've received is that developers would be insulted if
> this money was given directly to them, but it could still be put to
> good use by donating it to worthy charities. Maybe KDE e.V. or better
> yet developers could choose their own charity from a list. I'm sure
> we could agree on at least a few worthy causes, other projects have
> (try ":help uganda" in vim).
> Having a bug system that supports voting would help me (and hopefully
> others) set my priorities, having KDE donate to worthy charities
> could be good PR, and would just be a nice thing to do.
> Don.

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