KCmdLineArgs Patch

Neil Stevens neil at qualityassistant.com
Mon Aug 19 05:57:35 BST 2002

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On Sunday August 18, 2002 01:21, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> On Sunday 18 August 2002 07:55 am, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > This patch look OK?  I've found I need this to open some UTF8
> > filenames with Kaboodle from konsole.  The patch has KCmdLineArgs use
> > QFile::decodeName on file: urls passed.  This is important because
> > with KDE_UTF8_FILENAMES=1 in the environment, QFile::decodeName can be
> > different from QString::fromLocal8Bit.
> I am not convinced that this is correct, who generates these file URLs?

KDE seems to (but I'm still investigating)...  Users can...  Other apps 
that use kaboodle to play sounds will...

And then there's this reason:  It makes no sense to even have that UTF8 
setting if you're not going to use it when you know it's needed.  May as 
well remove it if you're going to guarantee that it breaks things.   "KDE 
is network transparent.. but the local file system is opaque sometimes."

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