[PATCH] Disable Klipper Actions by Default

Cristian Tibirna tibirna at kde.org
Mon Aug 19 04:18:49 BST 2002

Klipper actions are one of those great things that the user wants to have if 
he'd know they're available. If it's disabled by default, new users never 
will find about it. Chances are in this case they would even banish klipper 
completely, which I'd see as a severe step back in KDE's usability.

If the attention stealing is a problem, then rather make klipper less 
intrusive. E.g., instead of popping the menu, making the icon red and then 
LMB click on the icon would launch the "default" (or first in the list) 
action of the current menu, while the MMB click would pop the current menu.

The red icon would come back to normal after a reasonable delay (say 10 

In short, I don't really agree.

On Sunday, 18 August 2002 20:49, Ryan Cumming wrote:
> Hi,
> As discussed on kde-usability, this patch disables Klipper's actions by
> default. For one of the first times ever, the list seemed to be in
> unanimous agreement. ;)
> From my original mail to that list:
> "Apparently many users at LWCE were confused by Klipper's actions. This is
> understandable, as the popup steals the user's attention at unexpected
> times, and the source of the popup isn't very obvious. What does the list
> think about disabling Klipper actions by default, and allowing power users
> to turn it back on?"
> Okay to commit?
> -Ryan

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