[PATCH] Declension of month names in dates

Jacek Stolarczyk jacek at mer.chemia.polsl.gliwice.pl
Fri Aug 16 13:24:37 BST 2002

On Fri, 16 Aug 2002, Mike Richardson wrote:
> > This is all good and fine, but considering that there is a
> > much larger variation in the declension of dates, day names
> > and month names, a more general system might be in order.
> <snip>
> Could it be that this is becoming too complicated to be made "generally"
> workable without, in effect, having separate case for each language. Perhaps
> there should be a plugin mechanism, so that these sort of cases are handled
> by code written for the purpose?

Yes, in general I agree here. But I think we are talking two different
things here. My proposal (and patch) is about grammatical forms of
words in dates written in basic form, like in:

a) auto-variable in top-right hand side corner of the letter in word processor
b) most cases in word-processors
c) tooltip on clock in kicker
d) anywhere written separately
e) korganizer: Start date: date1, End date: date2
f) kmail: sending, arrival date

Putting dates somewhere in the sentence (even in a context like From
date1 to date2) is a different (and much harder) task. In Polish the name
of the weekday alone has 7 forms! Thus I think we should settle on simpler
issues first (only basic form, which is currently written wrongly in
Polish). After that we may try to implement grammar rules in
language-dependent modules. But for Polish language I don't see this
coming soon.

The other point Jacob mention - capitalization of first character in the
date if it appears at the begining of the sentence - is, IMHO, a job for a
autocorrection module in word processors.


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