should "CSS2 Visual Media Support in KHTML/KDE2.2" page be updated?

Vadim Plessky lucy-ples at
Fri Aug 16 07:28:26 BST 2002

Answering some questions on <www-style> mailing list, I found that page 
explaining CSS2 support in KDE/Konqueror is out-of-date
I refer here to:

CSS2 Visual Media Support in KHTML/KDE2.2

Can someone update this page, please?
Or at least answer here, what CSS2 properties were added to KDE 3.0.2?

I know (at least) that KHTML from KDE3 canrender justified text. May be, there 
were other changes?

Many thanks in advance,
and best regards,
Vadim Plessky  (English)
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