kbuildsycoca from mornings HEAD crashes.

Piotr Szymanski djurban at linuxpl.org
Thu Aug 15 10:43:16 BST 2002

Ive compiled kdelibs from HEAD against qt-3.0.5 (no errors). Ive been
using gcc-3.1.1 & binutils- 
The problem is that ksycoca crashes, which means kde wont start... 
I recompiled with --enable-debug, here's the backtrace: 
#0  0x080b117d in ?? () 
#1  0x40f0c2f3 in __dynamic_cast () from /usr/lib/libfam.so.0 
#2  0x4003210a in KBuildServiceGroupFactory::addNewEntry(QString const&,
char const*, KSycocaEntry*) ( 
    this=0x8068db0, file=@0x1190, resource=0x8076a68 "apps",
newEntry=0x0) at ../kdecore/ksharedptr.h:129 
#3  0x40031d75 in KBuildServiceGroupFactory::createEntry(QString const&,
char const*) (this=0x1190, 
    file=@0x1190, resource=0x1190 <Address 0x1190 out of bounds>) at
#4  0x40028399 in
KBuildSycoca::build(QValueList<QValueList<KSharedPtr<KSycocaEntry> > >*,
QDict<unsigned>*) ( 
    this=0x8062c58, allEntries=0x0, ctimeDict=0x0) at
#5  0x40028c1e in
KBuildSycoca::recreate(QValueList<QValueList<KSharedPtr<KSycocaEntry> >
>*, QDict<unsigned>*) (this=0x8062c58, allEntries=0x1190,
ctimeDict=0x1190) at kbuildsycoca.cpp:317 
#6  0x4002a8af in main (argc=4496, argv=0x1190) at kbuildsycoca.cpp:626 
#7  0x4100ca21 in __libc_start_main () from /lib/libc.so.6 

When started from shell kbuildsycoca crashes after outputing: 
kbuildsycoca: Recreating ksycoca file (/tmp/kde-root/ksycoca, version
But when started in startkde, it outputs: 
kdeinit: kded: ksycoca.cpp:215: void
KSycoca::addFactory(KSycocaFactory*): Assertion `m_lstFactories' failed.

Thanks for any help. 

Piotr Szymanski 
durban at linuxpl.org 
Didnt install my sig yet, sorry. 

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