Joseph Wenninger jowenn at kde.org
Wed Aug 14 20:57:29 BST 2002


On Wednesday 14 August 2002 14:52, Shane Wright wrote:
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> Hi
> I'd like to make some additions to Kate's SQL syntax highlighting,
> specifically to add support for some of the mySQL and PostgreSQL data
> types, (e.g.: INT2, INT4, INT8, LZTEXT, TINYINT, BIGINT and a few others).

Feel free to add them

> Is this suitable for adding to kdelibs/kate/data/sql.xml, should there
> perhaps be a sql-mysql.xml or sql-postgres.xml 

Sounds like a good idea, although all of those files would have the same 
mimetype/extension. We can't add highlightings for each database's SQL 
dialect, but I think there is no problem, if we add support for the some of 
the most used open source databases. The current sql highlighting is a 
littlebit Oracle centric, IIRC.

Feel free to split the file up for mysql and postgresql.

Kind regards
Joseph Wenninger

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