Wheelmouse and modifiers

Nadeem Hasan nhasan at nadmm.com
Wed Aug 14 03:07:27 BST 2002

On Monday 12 August 2002 06:40 am, David Faure wrote:

Sorry for responding late on this one.

> In QScrollview, Ctrl+wheelmouse scrolls around faster.
> In QTextEdit (even though it's a QScrollview), Ctrl+wheelmouse changes the
> zoom. (and Shift+wheelmouse does nothing in either of those)

Don't forget QScrollBar, it too uses Ctrl-Wheel to scroll by a page.

> Which means QTextEdit has no "scroll faster" wheelmouse possibility, that's
> the bug here. The same problem happens with any text widget that uses a
> qscrollview (e.g. a word processor).

It surely is inconsistent.

> IMHO it would be more logical that Shift scrolls faster, and Ctrl zooms.
> This is just like Shift+letter vs Ctrl+letter. Shift changes the result
> slightly, Ctrl leads to a totally different action.

I think the other way would be better, since IE uses Ctrl-Wheel to zoom and
Shift-Wheel to go back and forward in history. I am not sure if its 
configurable. In any case, I think there is a need to standardise here.
KDE style guide comes to mind.

> Qt: can QScrollView be changed, at least so that Shift+wheelmouse scrolls
> faster too?
> KDE: would this change be ok? Or are there too many people used to
> "Ctrl+wheel zooms faster", that it must be made an option?
> (please do not cc qt-bugs in your replies).

You mean scrolls faster, right?

Nadeem Hasan
nhasan at nadmm.com

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