-no-undefined broken for HEAD

Allan Sandfeld Jensen snowwolf at one2one-networks.com
Tue Aug 13 19:21:25 BST 2002

On Tuesday 13 August 2002 19:35, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> On Tuesday 13 August 2002 17:14, Zack Rusin wrote:
> The GNU ld never checked that with libtool AFAIK. But am_edit creates
> .closure files when it sees -no-undefined in LDFLAGS. If this is broken,
> then it's an am_edit problem. But undefined references shoud be detected.
That makes sense. So while libtool does nothing, we test ourselves if there is 
closure by doing a test compilation and creates the .closure file as a succes 
flag. But if we do the test ourselves and we expect libtool to ignore the 
option. Why do we add it to LDFLAGS in the first place?
Is there a reason why we cant move --no-undefined to another line, that 
am_edit can trigger on to generate the needed code?

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