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On Monday 12 August 2002 19:28, Thomas Zander wrote:
> On Monday 12 August 2002 10:16, Marc Mutz wrote:
> > I remeber this, too. There, it's different though. The whole screen
> > changes and I for one am shocked enough to not hit Enter everytime
> > I see this and hadn't intended to hit the logout. Plus, you see it
> > every single day and you don't loose data provided the opened apps
> > do proper session management.
> Naturally you know that each and every one of these statements depend
> on a number of settings and user habits.
> The point which I am trying to make (but seem to fail to make you see
> ;) is that the most basic part of GUI design is consistency. And this
> has to be at the very basic level since a basic widget can be seen in
> a LOT of different situations. That basic widget SHOULD however
> always work the same.
> Therefor the question boils down to 'what is the standard for a
> confirmation dialog for a destructive action.
> If you look at deleting a file in konqueror; logging out or any other
> part where this happens the default is always the destructive one.
> As the referred tread showed us; one level of 'security' is enough.
> So again; please change KMail to act like the rest of KDE.

JFYI, the old KDE style guide which is still available here:
listed the following as the first point of the guidelines for dialogs:
"The default action for a dialog should always be the least destuctive, 
this is normally 'Cancel'."

Unfortunately the current style guide doesn't say anything about default 
actions. But as the standard action for the standard warning dialog is 
Continue and not Cancel I assume that the above guideline has been 
changed. Nevertheless it should be mentioned in the style guide that 
the default action of the KDE standard dialogs SHOULD NOT be changed.


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