Success: kde 3.1 cvs running on sgi IRIX!

Dominique Devriese fritmebufstek at
Mon Aug 12 11:03:21 BST 2002

Marc Mutz <mutz at> writes:

> > > hm... seems like a bug in your STL...
> >
> > I guess SGI simply doesn't support "c<name>" style header files
> > yet.

(that's what i meant...)

> Um? The company who wrote the most famous STL doesn't support cmath and 
> namespace std???
> Sigh. One braindead compiler doesn't understand static const 
> initalizations in the class declaration, the other doesn't support 
> cmath. When will we end up using C again?
> > I see no reason to use them. (Fixed)
> The reason is that you can import single identifiers from namespace std. 
> That way, you can see what you actually need from the #includes

you can achieve the same effect by doing
namespace std {
extern "C" {
#include "math.h"


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