drawing in Qt3 seems to have become incredible slow :-(

Rolf Magnus ramagnus at t-online.de
Sun Aug 11 11:39:01 BST 2002

On Sunday 11 August 2002 01:06, Carsten Pfeiffer wrote:
> On Saturday 10 August 2002 21:46, Joseph Wenninger wrote:
> > I rember, that kate got much slower, when it had been compiled with QT3
> > compared to QT2, in the time of the big switch. If I replaced the kate
> There were quite some performance problems when we switched to Qt3, but I
> think those were caused by linking against qt-mt and hence pthread, which
> caused another (slower) malloc to be used. But that was fixed with Lubos'
> malloc.

How would that slow down redrawing of widgets?

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