artswrapper's new braces (Re: artswrapper defanged)

Kevin Puetz puetzk at
Thu Aug 8 04:59:26 BST 2002

Kevin Puetz wrote:

> Phalanx also pointed out that I only got the current thread. I think artsd
> loads all modules (and thus checks the taints) at startup, before any
> threads other than the main one exist, but I'll have to verify that and/or
> make it iterate the current threads and change them all.
> Neil Stevens wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> On Wednesday August 07, 2002 08:28, Kevin Puetz wrote:
>>> arts will drop RT permissions entirely if an untrusted module is loaded,
>>> *before* executing *any* code from this module.
>> Can you ifdef this with a configure option?  It could be useful for, say,
>> developers who are writing a playobject, to have the option to have some
>> things owned as his own user.
> OK... You could also chown the .la file, and not the .so file (thus giving
> the module explicit blessing as I discussed when claiming this wasn't a
> bug). But I can see a configure option. Any great ideas on what to call
> it's that's clear (other than --DoS-me-harder)? Or maybe even an env var
> (could be set by artswrapper --rt-all or some such) so you don't have to
> recompile.

Hmm, Neil made a good point in IRC that since you'd clearly have to require 
real UID=0 (instead of just effective UID = 0 ie SUID) to enable this 
(otherwise we're right back where we started), artsd wouldn't know what 
user to drop permissions to anymore. So it won't work.

./configure --trusted-users (or the like) it is, to make an unsafe build if 
desired for development purposes.

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