artswrapper's new braces (Re: artswrapper defanged)

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Thu Aug 8 04:40:37 BST 2002

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On Wednesday August 07, 2002 08:28, Kevin Puetz wrote:
> arts will drop RT permissions entirely if an untrusted module is loaded,
> *before* executing *any* code from this module.

Can you ifdef this with a configure option?  It could be useful for, say, 
developers who are writing a playobject, to have the option to have some 
things owned as his own user.

> One remaining issue is whether or not we should attempt to inform the
> user when priority is dropped that this has occurred, and how to do so
> (artsmessage? just something on stderr?). Any thoughts on this subject
> are welcome.

Well, yes, please do.  It's a pretty important event, especially if you 
don't retake realtime afterward.  And artsmessage would be the thing to 
use, same as with any other arts message.

I'm reminded of when the artsd restart code was restarting artsd without 
realtime.. very annoying.

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