Memory corruption in kfontdialog?

David Faure david at
Wed Aug 7 08:50:27 BST 2002

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On Wednesday 31 July 2002 22:59, Dave Corrie wrote:
> Hi,
> When I do "kcmshell fonts" to edit my fonts and go to change a font that 
> has a bold + italic style, the font chooser dialog does not always 
> choose "Bold Italic" as the initial style. Editing a bold italic Arial 
> font sometimes works, but editing a bold italic Trebuchet font never 
> seems to (although this phenomena is not restricted to MS fonts).
> I stepped through the kfontdialog code to figure out what was going on, 
> because the font dialog is passed the correct font to show initially, 
> it just doesn't always show it. With the attached patch applied (it 
> just adds some output info), the style of the font "magically" changes 
> after the (seemingly unrelated) call to setCurrentItem().

.... which emits signals, to which slots are connected, which probably
change that member variable.

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