memleak in kate part

Jesse Yurkovich yurkjes at
Wed Aug 7 08:21:53 BST 2002

While looking through katecodefoldinghelpers.cpp I found a memleak.

The KateCodeFoldingTree::KateCodeFoldingTree ctor makes a call to the 
KateCodeFoldingNode () ctor which allocates memory for its childnodes, but 
KateCodeFoldingTree also allocates memory for these children as well ...
attached is the diff, but I havent had time to set up a 'proper' cvs tree yet. 
The patch applies cleanly though ...

Also, I've done a fairly large white-space/indention/style cleanup for 
katecodefoldinghelpers.cpp and I was wondering if it was also ok to submit 
this patch here as well. 


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