Silent CVS commits on kde-cvs?

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Mon Aug 5 22:39:32 BST 2002

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On Monday 05 August 2002 02:50, Stephan Binner wrote:
> Hello,
> when I started changing i18n everywhere some people were annoyed by the cvs
> log messages in kde-cvs because they couldn't filter them by subject. Thus
> I commit them with CVS_SILENT. Now Aaron asks me if I could stop that. :-)

just to make clear what i said and why i said it:

stephan makes a lot of very useful changes (often to code i've writen) to 
bring things into line with the styleguide. but since most of these fixes are 
committed silently, i usually have to go in and do a cvs diff to see the 
changes in an attempt to learn the Right Way(tm) of doing things. by seeing 
what he (and others) change, i'm hoping that i can stop making the same silly 
style guide mistakes (e.g. when to use an ellipsis, when to cap, the proper 
usage of QString::arg, etc). my motivation is two fold: i hate making 
mistakes and i feel bad when stephan or others have to spend their time going 
in and "cleaning up" after me. 

good news is that (i think) i'm slowly getting better w/regard to this, but 
it's primarily because i'm trying hard to keep up with these style guide 
related fixes.

i don't think i'm unique in being able to learn from these commits, either. if 
the number of style guide fix commits is annoying, there is a great way to 
fix it: educate the developers to stop making the same 5 or 6 mistakes over 
and over. silent CVS commits don't do this: they just hide the problem.

i'd love to see stephan's suggestion of cvs silent resulting in a modified 
subject line that can be filtered against.


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