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Gerold J. Wucherpfennig gjwucherpfennig at gmx.net
Sun Aug 4 20:17:40 BST 2002

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Some suggestions about restructuring the KDE Control Center.


Imagine to be a computer newby who's looking at the KDE Control Center
for the first time.

You look at the 15 top level items on the left:
- - Advanced
- - Desktop
- - Email
- - File Manager
- - Help
- - Look&Feel
- - Network
- - Panel
- - Peripherals
- - Power Control
- - Sound
- - System
- - Web Browser
- - Window Management

And you see that most of these items have even subitems!


IMO the KDE Control Center is a bit overcrowed.

I'm very happy that /KDE folks/ have investigated time
and resources to enhance the overall usability of this
wonderful desktop environment.
Many people like the results of this work :-).

So I want to give you some suggestions about restructuring the
KDE Control Center. (The amount of items should be reduced IMO)

1. The "Panel" - settings

This tree is already accessible with "K->Settings->Configure Panel", so
it can be removed from the Control Center (hidden).

2. "Configure Konqueror"

"Configure Konqueror" should include the "File Manager", "Web Browser"
and (partly the) "Network" tree.

"Configure Konqueror" should be accessible with
"Konqueror->Settings->Configure Konqueror", _and_
"K->Settings->"Configure Konqueror".

Then the "File Manager", "Web Browser" and (partly the) "Network" tree
can be removed from the Control Center (hidden).
(I think KDE is the only DE which puts Browser settings in the Control Center)

3. Create a "System Center"

Non-KDE Items should be put into an independent "Control Center"
named "System Center". This already happend to the "Information" tree
which has been put into the "Information Center".

With non-KDE items I mean distribution specific and system dependent
KControl applets like the Linux kernel configurator.

"System Center" should include NEW trees like
"System Services",  "Hardware" and "Advanced".

Distributions can then e.g. put hareware detection tools,
Screen/GFX configurators(X Window...), ...
into "System Center"->"Hardware".

Maybe even some developers will create "Free"
Linux-LSB-compatible system config tools as KControl applets.

"System Center"->"System Services" may contain e.g.
a user manager (convert kuser to a kcontrol applet?),
a System V init configurator (I wrote one, but still alpha)
and _maybe_ Apache, Bind, DHCP, SQUID, SAMBA, LDAP, Radius,
... configurators in the near or distant future ;-)

"Advanced" may contain the Linux Kernel configurator, etc.

This are only _suggestions_, please feel free to comment on this...


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