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Neil Stevens neil at qualityassistant.com
Sun Aug 4 23:11:56 BST 2002

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On Saturday August 03, 2002 02:20, Martijn Klingens wrote:
> I think a 'standard IM client' instead of a 'standard Jabber client'
> would be the better option. We have KIO to remain filesystem/protocol
> independent, KParts to remain independent of a given text or HTML viewer
> implementation. Along this line it would only be obvious to also remain
> independent of a given IM backend.

Martijn and I had a nice, long, discussion... In the end, we both agree 
that kabc is the more appropriate place to store standard information 
about messaging, rather than a libkopete.

Further, we've agreed on a design for that an improved KAddressbook UI 
could use that information, combine it with a small standard messaging 
DCOP interface, and display contact status from *any* messaging system, 
whether KDE standard or not.  (Simon: yes, we plan on using DCOP, to 
handle the jabber or MSN equivalent of a mailto: :-)

Once I've finished with my current project in a month, and Martijn finishes 
his thesis in two months, we'll see about putting our design to code.  In 
the meantime, this eliminates the conflict between Martijn's kopete plans 
and libpsi/libkdemp/whatever Justin's lib will be called, so let's put it 
on the KDE 3.2 features list!

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