KDE Jabber Library

aleXXX alexander.neundorf at gmx.net
Sun Aug 4 22:51:32 BST 2002

On Sunday 04 August 2002 12:40, Simon Hausmann wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 03, 2002 at 05:20:36PM -0700, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > > With Kopetes dcop
> > > interface exposeing the messageing internals things like Messageing
> > > someone a vcard appointment or rightclick to send a file to someone
> > > genericly becomes quite feasable.
> >
> > So you'd requre that all applications wanting to send messages or export
> > presences to go through the *app*, rather than making direct connections?
> > That's a terrible waste, and adds a needless dependency.  SMTP use
> > doesn't require kmail, why should my app that wants Jabber have to go
> > through Kopete?
> Because that's the idea of reusable components. Talking to kopete
> through a DCOP interface -- after asking the trader of an app
> implementing the interface and after using klauncher to launch the
> app and get the app id -- is much better than making every app that
> wants to send a jabber message to link against a jabber library. Of

Hmm, although it sounds nice, isn't this what makes KDE slow ?
If we have only one app which implements an interface, and we know that this 
app is kopete, why do we have to ask the trader for the app, then ask 
klauncher to start the app, and when all this has finished after maybe 5 
seconds, finally send a message ?

> this isn't a general solution, but IMHO for simple send-and-forget
> communication like with IM a using dcop seems much easier and
> lightweight to me than using C++ directly.

I think linking to a lib and calling some functions is much more leightweight.

Kopete is an end user app designed to hide the problems caused by the 
existence of various different IM solutions, this makes perfect sense.
Turning this end user app into an infrastructure component for a special task 
isn't such an obvious decision IMO. 

OTOH can't we do something like sending a message to another user on another 
box using kxmlrpcd and dcop ?


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