KDE Jabber Library

Dominique Devriese fritmebufstek at pandora.be
Sun Aug 4 16:59:12 BST 2002

Martijn Klingens <klingens at kde.org> writes:

> On Sunday 04 August 2002 17:17, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > KDE dictating a standard does not remove choice from anyone.  It just
> > promotes consistency and interoperability within KDE.
> Yes, but not outside KDE. And it does not take into account the fact
> that many  
> people already have other IM accounts. Especially the latter is for
> me _the_  
> reason to object against forcing a user to use yet another IM system
> next to  
> the ones they're already using.

Maybe it would be nice to have some example usages of this lib.  I
must see i really don't see an example of a program sending something
via IM to a non-KDE program.  Therefore, I'm inclined to think of this
as internal to KDE, and KDE can do what it wants...

By the way, you are aware of the fact that you can talk with other
protocols through jabber, right ?

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