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Neil Stevens neil at qualityassistant.com
Sun Aug 4 01:20:36 BST 2002

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On Saturday August 03, 2002 04:57, Ian Reinhart Geiser wrote:
> On Saturday 03 August 2002 02:28 pm, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > With kopete, you might have 5 users all using different systems,
> > totally unable to communicate with each other.  With jabber, we can
> > ensure interoperability.
> Ummm... why cant they communicate?  How will jabber solve this?

They can't communicate because they're not necessarily all using the same 
protocol.  Interoperability comes through standards, and a kopete-based 
library would dictate no standard means of communication.

Just specifying Jabber directly as the means of communication solves that 
interoperability problem by dictating a standard.

> I think your confused.  Kopete will let you communcate with other
> protocols open and closed.  The reason why this is more favorable is
> that we can expand kopetes system with much more freedom. 

But the more you expand, the less interoperable you are.  For communication 
to work, you need a guarantee that both sides are expecting the same 
protocol.  That means mandating one protocol, just in the same way KDE 
mandates a desktop file standard, a window manager standard, and a file 
hierarchy standard.  Kopete's flexibility is therefore useless, and even 
bloat, because we only need a library that supports the one standard 

> Add to that
> the fact that Kopete is being designed with the idea of being a gateway
> for messageing and it becomes very attractive.

Well, what message system *hasn't* been designed as a gateway for 

> With Kopetes dcop
> interface exposeing the messageing internals things like Messageing
> someone a vcard appointment or rightclick to send a file to someone
> genericly becomes quite feasable.

So you'd requre that all applications wanting to send messages or export 
presences to go through the *app*, rather than making direct connections?  
That's a terrible waste, and adds a needless dependency.  SMTP use doesn't 
require kmail, why should my app that wants Jabber have to go through 

> While psi might have a good design, the fact that its locked into one
> protocol is kind of limiting.  Kopete offers tighter integration with
> other messageing systems.

Yes, it's limiting.  That's *good*.  Being limited to standard internet 
protocols (which Jabber is trying to become, unlike nearly every other 
protocol Kopete attempts to support) means you'll be interoperable.  Did I 
mention that communication is only possible if everyone is using the same 

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