Build order problems in kdemultimedia

Andy Fawcett andy at
Sat Aug 3 22:43:13 BST 2002


I've just tried configuring and building kdemultimedia from a clean set 
of sources, and come across some build order problems:

1. mpeglib_artsplugin tries to build before mpeglib, but needs mpeglib 
to be built first.

2. krec requires arts/modules/artsmodule.h to build, but this is not yet 

To reproduce this, "make cvs-clean" in kdemultimedia, then configure and 
build as normal. For me, the build fails for the above reasons.

Building mpeglib will solve #1, building arts/modules will solve #2.

building these two manually, then restarting the make at the top-level, 
*appears* to let it all build okay.


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