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I also help on kopete, abet not as much as I should be....

On Saturday 03 August 2002 09:29 am, Tim Jansen wrote:
> > It is not finished yet, but I am already quite proud of it.  The Psi
> A few comments:
> - I think that an IMP library is a very good idea and would offer a easier
> and more natural way to offer many services. As an example, I am working on
> Desktop Sharing(krfb), which would really benefit from a presence protocol
> to find persons and a messaging and signaling protocol that controls the
> connection between the users and would offer additional features like
> passing text messages, VoIP, video conferencing and file transfer.
This is one way that using a library will be not so useful. Since afaik most 
messageing serverices only use once connection per client.  Kopete is the 
best solution for this since it already runs as a process and has a DCOP 
interface started.

> - I am not sure whether it is a good idea to offer a Jabber-specific
> library (or is KIMP protocol independent?). Maybe I just dont know
> Jabber/XMPP well enough, but I never found a way to use it as a signaling
> protocol for advanced media types (like the VNC protocol used by Desktop
> Sharing) and negotiating out-of-band data. Is there something like this for
> Jabber? Otherwise it would not make sense to have it in kdelibs, because
> the only apps that could use it are instant messengers. kdenetwork would be
> more appropiate then.
Yes, jabber has quite a few short commings over commercial messageing support.  
While it is very flexable, I have had nothing but problems interfaceing with 
my freinds and relitives on other services.  The jabber servers work just 
fine though.  Again this is why Kopete is a better solution.  It supports 
many protocols and is very flexable. 

> - My personal problem with Jabber as a foundation for IMP services in KDE
> is that it is server-centric, AFAIK. This makes it pretty useless in home
> and ad-hoc networks that don't have an internet connection. A P2P protocol
> like SIMPLE can, together with a service discovery protocol, very easily be
> used to find and display the presence of all users in the local LAN (or,
> with wireless LAN or Bluetooth, show all people who are within your reach).
> IMHO this is a very important use case which is ignored by all other IMP
> protocols.
Yes, but how many messageing servers are truly P2P, afaik there is that KChat, 
but I have not clue how it works and no clue if its supported by anyone.

Really though if you are looking for an extensable messageing library what you 
really want is Kopte, we can have plugins that will support anything.  I even 
have seen a plugin for winpopups in the works.  Like it or not we are the 
minority here, so if we wish to message with others we should pick the most 
compatable solution.  So my advice is for the psi developer to get into 
contact with kopete and see if they need help.

Just my 2c... 

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