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Neil Stevens neil at qualityassistant.com
Sat Aug 3 16:00:34 BST 2002

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On Saturday August 03, 2002 06:29, Tim Jansen wrote:
> > It is not finished yet, but I am already quite proud of it.  The Psi
> > Jabber My proposal is to rename the library to "kimp" (to stand for
> > KDE Instant Messaging and Presence) and for it to be included and
> > developed within kdelibs.

Name it after Jabber or the protocol name, I say.  No need to get 
misleadingly vague in the name.  It only does Jabber, and that's a good 
thing, so name it as such.

> > By making Jabber so easily accessible from KDE, I think we'd see a lot
> > more buzz and developer interest in both KDE and Jabber.  What do you
> > think?

Well, "buzz" and marketing wouldn't be enough reason to do it, I think.  
The question is whether developers actually are willing to start using 
Jabber, as a specific endorsement against tying KDE to proprietary 
servers.  If not, then your library has no place in kdelibs.  If so, then 
your library would be a great addition to kdelibs.

> A few comments:
> - I think that an IMP library is a very good idea and would offer a
> easier and more natural way to offer many services. 

Games developers want a way to send invitations.  Other apps might want a 
way to send other messages or data, or even just signal presense.  The 
combination of a desktop jabber server and a client jabber library would 
alow this to be done in a standard, interoperable way.

> - My personal problem with Jabber as a foundation for IMP services in
> KDE is that it is server-centric, AFAIK. This makes it pretty useless in
> home and ad-hoc networks that don't have an internet connection.

Jabber is actually one of the *least* centralized messaging systems out 
there.  Jabber is like email, while other systems attempt to lock you in 
to some proprietary server.  With Jabber, you actually have the 
possibility of running your own local server, unlike every single other 
major messaging system out there, other than email.

Ultimately, you have a choice - you can use the open, 
in-the-process-of-standardizing Jabber; the open, standardized email; or 
you can write your own thing and not be interoperable.

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