A patch for kde-3.0.2 + qt-3.0.5

Laurent Montel lmontel at mandrakesoft.com
Fri Aug 2 09:11:56 BST 2002

When I recompiled kde 3.0.2 with qt-3.0.5, I saw that ktip was too big.
So I found that it was text of label which created problem :
i18n("Did you know...?\n");
and when I removed "\n" at the end I fixe problem.

So I created a little  patch to fix it.

I don't break i18n.

I don't know if there is this problem with kde3.1 but in kde3.0.2, there is a 

What do you think about my patch.
Can I commit it into kde3.0 branch ?

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