Proposal for using gitlab for kdereview process

David Redondo kde at
Fri Feb 17 07:53:54 GMT 2023


I observed that participation in kdereview is fairly low. Usually only the 
same few people participate (I have to admit this does not include me either).
Further follow up to their comments tends sometimes to be slow or is missed. 
Sometimes it fizzles out completely.
I think nowadays we have better tools to streamline the whole process, which 
we are familiar with and make the barrier to participation lower. My idea is 
to use Gitlab which we use for normal code review also for the kdereview 
process. For example it could be as follows
- Announce the intention to go through kdereview as usual to kde-core-devel
- Create a MR in your project's repo from master branch into an empty 
kdereview branch
- Could copy the sanity checklist [1] as task list and check things there
- Reviewers can leave review comments in the familiar web interface
- Commits that fix review comments are pushed to master branch and so update 
the code seen in the MR
- Once the reviewers are satisfied and their feedback incorporated, they 
approve the MR and it can be closed




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