Frameworks master is Qt6 now

Nicolas Fella nicolas.fella at
Mon Feb 6 19:51:39 GMT 2023

Am 23.01.23 um 17:23 schrieb Nicolas Fella:
> Am 19.01.23 um 13:44 schrieb Nicolas Fella:
>> Am 18.01.23 um 23:58 schrieb Nicolas Fella:
>>> Hi,
>>> the master branch of frameworks repositories now required Qt6 to build.
>>> Maintenance of KF5 continues in the "kf5" branch.
>>> Those using kdesrc-build make sure your kdesrc-builrc contains
>>> "branch-group kf5-qt5", then it will switch to the correct branch
>>> automatically.
>>> Those building manually please adjust your workflow accordingly.
>>> Any merge requests for frameworks should target Qt6/master (unless they
>>> are not applicable there). If the change should be backported to KF5
>>> cherry-pick it to the kf5 branch after merging.
>>> Note that for the time being the kf5 branch has to stay compatible with
>>> Qt6. This is required to keep the currently existing Qt6 builds
>>> working.
>>> This does *not* mean that master is now open for any kind of breaking
>>> change. We will announce more on this soon.
>> Assuming no major issues with our tooling crop up soon we will proceed
>> with the following changes:
>> - Bump the KF_VERSION in master to 5.240.0. At some point we will
>> release one or more beta versions, which will have 5.250.0 etc as
>> version number. This is to follow the practice of .80/.90 version
>> numbers, but slightly adjusted to account for 255 being the technical
>> upper limit.
>> - Drop build system code to build with Qt5
>> - Rename library/target names to KF6
>> - Drop deprecated API. To ensure compatibility with existing Qt6 builds
>> this will initially be done only for API that was deprecated before
>> 5.100 since that is what the current Qt6 CI enforces. Eventually we of
>> course want to drop everything deprecated, but that requires porting
>> consumers of it first.
>> I expect this to happen over the next few days. I will announce once
>> this is done and master is open for more invasive changes.
> Hi,
> as an update to this:
> We are currently progressing nicely with this, but are not done yet.
> Some amount of instability/breakage is expected, so *I do not recommend*
> to try and use frameworks master until things have settled down a bit.
> Doing so prematurely would only cause extra work for everyone involved.
> I will announce once things have settled enough to start working on more
> things.


the items mentioned are now done. We are now mostly in the process of
ironing out some edges and wrapping up some loose ends.

There's a list of "TODO after branching" tasks in as well as a lot of "TODO KF6"
comments all across our codebase. Help with going through them and
addressing them is appreciated.

master is open for regular development as well as breaking changes.



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