Hello from MyGNUHealth

Luis Falcon falcon at gnuhealth.org
Fri Dec 18 14:13:53 GMT 2020

Dear KDE community

I am happy to announce that MyGNUHealth, the GH Personal Health
record, is now a member of the KDE family!

MyGNUHealth is a component of GNU Health, the Libre digital health
ecosystem (see www.gnuhealth.org), than can be used both in desktop and
mobile devices.

In terms of functionality and benefit to the Health system,
MyGNUHealth goes beyond the typical "fitness tracker", with unique
features that position the individual an active member of the system of

MyGNUHealth will be able to track your heart rate, blood pressure and
other vital signs, nutritional and lifestyle factors that have an
effect on your health. In addition, MyGNUHealth will allow you to share
the relevant information with your health professional, in real time,
and fully integrated to the GNU Health Federation. It is not just a
fitness tracker, MyGNUHealth is a full Personal Health record
application that manages all determinants of health (biological,
psychological and social) in a proactive manner. 

MyGNUHealth is Libre Software. We believe in open science. Libre
software and hardware are key for the advancement of science and the
society. All the development of MyGH are Libre. In the mobile devices,
I am focused on the PinePhone and the PineTime devices.

On the technical side, MyGNUHealth is a KDE application, written in
Python3, that uses PySide (Qt for Python) and the Kirigami framework to
deliver the best experience both in desktop and mobile devices.

At GNU Health, we take pride in having a great, diverse and friendly
community. We are very happy and honored to be part of the KDE family.
I am positive we'll make MyGNUHealth the best PHR, and have a lot of
fun working on it. 

Let me share some links that might be of interest:

* MyGNUHealth dev: https://invent.kde.org/pim/mygnuhealth/
* IRC: #kde-mygnuhealth. Bridges w/ Matrix & Telegram
* Technical introduction slides:
* GNU Health : www.gnuhealth.org

MyGNUHealth is a large project, with many areas (documentation, coding,
standards, UI, ...). This is just starting and there is lot to do. If
you'd like to be part of the team, just let us know! 

Thank you Aleix, Adriaan, Cristián and the rest of KDE community for
believing in the project :)

Happy and healthy hacking,

Dr. Luis Falcon, MD, MSc
President, GNU Solidario
Advancing Social Medicine

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