Sign the Akademy Awards

Kenny Duffus kenny at
Sun Sep 13 09:18:06 BST 2020


The Akademy Awards are a KDE tradition

This year with Akademy being online we weren't all able to sign the awards in person as usual, so we are collecting signatures to add to the awards that will then be printed out and sent to the recipients: Bhushan Shah, Carl Schwan & Luigi Toscano

If you would like to include yours please upload to in the next few days

Images must be black on white, please crop them, but leave some border

Ways to give us your signature

    * doing it on paper then photograph/scan it
    *  a stylus or if you are really good at writing with your mouse
    *  on a touchscreen device

You will probably not want to for safety reason use your exact official signature, though we will not use these for any other purpose or share them. Signatures will be used the same on all the certificates. Signatures will come out about 40-50mm on the certificates, so make sure they are legible for that size and in a high enough resolution



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