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Hello KDE Community,

Although building something like Free Software is fulfilling in itself, it is sometimes nice to get recognition for the work you do and know that it is appreciated by others too. That is why, from time to time, the Promo team goes and scours social media for comments from people whose lives you have helped make better. What follows are but a few of the most recent comments.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,


Aniqa Khokhar


Always bringing those next level details, this time in the nostalgia department. Thank you @kdecommunity for all the hard work you do to bring the best user experience possible to #Linux. We are lucky to have such passionate, friendly, and talented developers like you. 👍👏🙏

-- @linux_plus_plus, commenting on the Kwin effects tip


KDE is just the best <3

-- @Shroobster, commenting on the Kwin effects tip


In the quick test KDE 5.19: a masterpiece of aesthetics, a transformer unparalleled

The fourth version of the KDE desktop was sad to watch. Bugs, more bugs, weird choices and a toy-like look. Fortunately, the developers of Plasma learned a lesson, and KDE's Fifth Coming has been a sheer winning streak.

If you focus on the mere looks, many beautiful things go unnoticed. The KDE interface is already excellent by default. Calling it a lousy copy of Windows, you should dive deeper than just the boot menu. If you still think that the KDE interface is just a copy of Windows, you might want to consider an eye test.

-- Mikro Bitti (Finnish tech publication)


Tengo que declararle mi amor a @kde

-- Mr Steve's impromptu declaration of love.


KDE just seems too good to be true. I love these guys.

-- Zae3za, commenting on the 20.08 release of apps


Wow, this is some incredible work!

-- Always_in_my_pajamas, commenting on the 20.08 release of apps


As far as desktop environment, I started with gnome and liked its workflow a lot, then I experimented quite a lot (xfce, tried KDE but didn't like it then, i3, cinnamon) then tried KDE again. It took me a little bit to get it how I like it but I can't use anything else now. Good job @kde, you've made a desktop which is a pleasure to use.

-- @toast relaying their journey to Plasma


Can't wait to try it out. A big thanks to all the devs

-- outloa, commenting on the news regarding new Plasma Mobile apps


Oooh I love my KDE Plasma... It is the best thing!!!! Thank you!

-- @dadoprom, on discovering the long click trick for desktop widgets


Best project for desktop and will be for phone.

-- Saleh Oukiki on Facebook

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